Millions of women raised in fundamentalist Islam believe they have no real value—even to God. Many are living in hopelessness, depression, and abuse. They need to hear the truth of God’s love!

The need is even more urgent because of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which devastated countless families, many of them already refugees. As you probably know, women usually bear the greatest strain of caring for their families in disasters, and we’ve worked with partners on the ground to rush Bibles and other spiritual support. Your gift today helps respond to the emergency without pausing care for women in other areas.

Our Summer Surge 2023 goal is $125,000 to reach at least 17,800 people with God’s Word. Every $7 you can give today is enough to give a Bible to a woman in a language and format she can understand—so she can hear God speak to her heart.

Thank you for unleashing the power of God’s Word!