Join us for Summer Surge 2022 to fund some of the most critical projects around the world!

Thousands of new churches are in danger of failing because they don’t have access to Bibles and their leaders don’t have enough formal training. Your August Summer Surge gift will help provide contemporary translations of God’s Word and leadership-training materials. We’ll send them to new churches and our church-planting partners.

Our August goal is $91,000 to help us on the way to reaching nearly 900,000 people in newly planted churches this year. A generous ministry partner has given $50,000 for this critical need and is challenging our Biblica family to step forward with the rest. And every dollar of your gift goes directly to ministry!

Will you help finish Summer Surge strong by making your gift now?


  • An estimated 95% of pastors worldwide have had no formal training.
  • 60% of the world’s people groups are considered “unreached”—less than 2% of the population are Evangelical Christians and have limited access to churches and Bible resources.
  • Our church-planting ministry partner, Harvesters, has a plan to equip 60,000 new churches all around the world with 1.4 million Bibles in 2023.
  • More than 5.2 billion people do not know about Jesus or claim a relationship with Him.

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